About Sally

Being organized is a CHOICE! Plain and Simple.

12 years Sally has been providing professional organizing services to clients in the Greater Kansas City area.

Sally frequently laughs and says, “You don’t need a PhD” to help others become organized and show them what changes are needed in order to learn to live the lifestyle they really want. After acknowledging the habits and behaviors that contributed to the clutter and chaos, clients are able to easily implement what they learned from Sally’s professional organizing services to establish a good game plan for the rest of their lives.

Sally applauds clients who contact a “total stranger” to ask for help. Most admit to being OVERWHELMED and have a fear of not knowing how to start making a change.

Sally’s definition of being organized is having the ability to know where to find what you are looking for and then returning it to that location. That way, you can find it the next time you look for it.

She also has administrative and sales experience, along with having owned a household cleaning company.

Sally’s professional organizing services emphasize that you can maintain a “very casual” style and still be very organized.