Basic Reasons to Simplify and Organize

1 – To have others trust you with their stuff…their projects.
2 – To feel you have control in your life.
3 – To have freedom that comes from being organized.
4 – To find things when you need them.
5 – To have more personal free time.
6 – To be less stressed.
7 – To set a good example for your family or your staff.
8 – To simply BE in an uncluttered environment.

Professional Organizing Tips for Your Electronic Files

Important organizing tips include scheduling time in your planner to go through your email inbox, email folders and MY DOCUMENTS folder. You may want to schedule an hour or two a week over several weeks. This exercise can also speed up your computer. If you are not sure of what a document contains, open it and then decide if you need to keep it or not. Then it is very important to backup all your files.

Organizing Tips on How to Get Rid of Clutter – Piles

Piles of paper effects your energy level…you feel tired and overwhelmed. Clearing papers and clutter sets your energy free. Getting started on these organizing tips may be hard but when the momentum gets going…it is hard to stop!

Time Management…What Is Not Working

1 – I never have time to…
2 – I spend way too much time on…
3 – I don’t have well defined goals for…
4 – One thing I would like to do everyday…
5 – I always underestimate how long it takes to…
6 – I am always late for…
7 – It is hard for me to say NO to…
8 – I have a hard time finishing…

Myths About Being Organized

1 – Being neat…24/7.
2 – Being clean.
3 – Having to schedule every minute of the day.
4 – Only certain people can accomplish this.
5 – Takes a lot of time and effort.
6 – Everyone else but me is organized.

Give thought to the above professional organizing tips and learn how you can change your life by deciding how you use your time.