“Ms. Wolf has effectively helped veterans with disabilities to overcome significant organizational and environmental challenges through the professional organizational services she renders. She has a unique ability to empathize with others and is highly adept at teaching people how to focus, prioritize, and organize thought processes and living areas, and to develop effective long-term systems to maintain organization in these domains. Her services contribute to greater independent living and she has been a valuable resource to veterans and their families.” 08-2012

Steve Wilson, VRC
Wichita VR&E- Leavenworth
913-682-2000 x 51548
“I was very impressed with the unpacking service done by Sally’s.  Sally and staff were very professional and we really appreciated how they worked with our schedule.  The kitchen and pantry set up was terrific.” – Vikie Godsey 09-2012

“Sally Wolf with Sally’s Organizing was a great help with two projects of mine.  I needed to redo my dining room and my kitchen.  The dining room had 90′s wall paper and the kitchen was right out of the 70′s.  Sally helped me pick out paint and a new chandelier for the dining room.  She went shopping with me for the materials for a new floor, counter top and back splash for my kitchen.  Without her help I would have been lost.  She has excellent taste and is up-to-date on the latest trends.  Thanks, Sally.  I really love how my dining room and kitchen turned out.” – Beth Malone 09-2012

“Sally is a lifesaver for me.  For a long time I knew I needed to sort through years of accumulated family history, clothing, photographs, mementos from trips and events, and keepsakes.  After years of good intentions that did not lead to actions, I realized I needed professional help to decide what to keep, organize it neatly, and responsibly dispose of what I didn’t need. Luckily I made the winning bid on an hour of Sally’s Organizing time.  After that first hour, I knew I had found the right person.  She understood that in order to move forward, I needed to talk about the items I was emotionally attached to, but had no need of nor room for.  She listened, and gently kept me on track.” – Jonne 09-2012

S.O.S. helps me stay clutter free with bi-monthly maintenance visits. Sally helps me stay focused and is always supportive!
- Lauri Ann, O.P., KS

Simply put, Sally was virtually the answer to a prayer…She assisted with the purging and organizing …She was at all times organized and professional in her demeanor.
- Professional Couple, K.C.

Sally helped me set goals and stay focused on task. She worked with me to create a bedroom from total chaos.
- Sandi S., K.C.

Sally was amazing assistance! Her knowledge of all aspects of professional organizing makes her a treasure. She handles the tough parts of my character issues with respect and yet is unafraid to tackle the truth with me.
- Muriel L., Indep., MO

Sally provided an efficient service with organizing tips for a “ready to live in” move. She sorted, packed and interacted with decorators, repair and service people while doing my move.
- Virgie, D.C.

Sally’s professional organizing services have been invaluable to my home, and my sanity! Sally came in with a very positive attitude and was able to break my home organizing project down into manageable steps. She assisted me with the huge task of having custom closets installed in our master bedroom and pantry and a wonderful system for our mudroom. She has truly been a huge help and very enjoyable to work with!
- A.W., Lenexa, KS